Update April 2021 Native DSD DAC list supported in Eunhasu

2 November 2020
Update for Eunhasu firmware Version 0.5.0.


  • Fixed and enabled MimimServer 2.0 installation
  • Added debug logging on/off feature for faster operation speed
  • Added display Kernel version information on System upgrade page
  • Updated Install/Uninstall featureThe Eunhasu app is available only for Android devices.

The following DACs were added to our list:

Quad Artera DAC: 0x2622, 0x0002
Quad XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0001
Mission XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0010
Luxman XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0020
Wharfedale XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0030
Audiolab XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0040
Ekco XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0050
IAG XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0060
Mission Audio: 0x2622, 0x0011
Luxman Audio: 0x2622, 0x0021
Wharfedale Audio: 0x2622, 0x0031
Ekco Audio: 0x2622, 0x0051
IAG Audio 0x2622, 0x0061
Accuphase DC-950 / DP-560 / DC-37 / DP-430 / DAC-50: 0x21ed, 0xd37a
Auralic Vega G2.1: 0x1511, 0x0052

Native DSD DAC list supported in Eunhasu
List of DAC natively supports DSD playback in Eunhasu

Playback Designs0x23ba
AURALiC VEGA0x1511, 0x0037
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD0x20b1, 0x0002
iFi Audio micro/nano iDSD0x20b1, 0x3008
Matrix Audio X-Sabre0x20b1, 0x2008
Matrix Audio Quattro II0x20b1, 0x302a
Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro0x20b1, 0x300a
Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 20x20b1, 0x2004
Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital0x2772, 0x0230
OPPO HA-10x22d9, 0x0416
LH Labs Geek Out 1V50x2522, 0x0007
OPPO Sonica0x22d9, 0x0436
LH Labs VI DAC Infinity0x2522, 0x0012
LH Labs Geek Pulse X Inifinity 2V00x2522, 0x0009
Mytek Brooklyn DAC0x25ce, 0x001f
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+0x27f7, 0x1301
Mytek Manhattan DAC0x25ce, 0x0021
Mytek Liberty DAC0x25ce, 0x801e/0x001e
NuPrime DAC-100x16b0, 0x06b2
NuPrime Audio HD-AVP/AVA0x16d0, 0x06b4
NuPrime IDA-80x16d0, 0x09d8
NuPrime Audio DAC-90x16d0, 0x09db
ENCORE mDSD0x16d0, 0x09dd
Bryston BDA30x1db5, 0x0003
WaveIO USB Audio 2.00x20a0, 0x4143
Gustard DAC-X20U0x20b1, 0x000a
Denafrips DAC0x20b1, 0x2005
DIYINHK DSD DXD 384kHz USB to I2S/DSD0x20b1, 0x2009
JLsounds I2SoverUSB0x20b1, 0x2023
Engineered Electronics Stereo Playback Interface0x20b1, 0x300f
Eastern El. MiniMax Tube DAC Supreme0x20b1, 0x3021
Aune X1S 32BIT/384 DSD DAC0x20b1, 0x3023
Unison Research Unico CD Due0x20b1, 0x302d
Holo Springs Level 3 R2R DAC0x20b1, 0x3036
Soekris dac11010x20b1, 0x3073
Singxer F-1 converter board0x20b1, 0x3086
CH Precision C1 DAC0x20b1, 0x307b
OPPO HA-20x22d9, 0x0426
HDTA Serenade DSD0x22e1, 0xca01
PS Audio NuWave DAC0x2616, 0x0106
Audiolab M-DAC+0x2622, 0x0041
Mutec MC3+ USB0x29a2, 0x0086
Cayin iDAC-60x2d87, 0x000a
MSB Technology0x6b42, 0x0042
W4S DAC-2v2SE0x27f7, 0x3002
Amanero Combo3840x16d0, 0x071a
JAVS X6-DAC0x2573, 0x8201
ifi Pro iDSD0x20bi, 0x3008
OPPO UDP-2050x22d9, 0x0461
Topping D50, D700x152a, 0x8750
Hegel HD12 DSD0x0d8c, 0x0316
Furutech ADL Stratos0x16d0, 0x0733
M2Tech Young MkIII0x249c, 0x9326
M2Tech hiFaceTWO0x249c, 0x930b
W4S DAC-2v2SE0x27f7, 0x3002
Rotel 15920x278b, 0x5100
sDP-1000EX0x30b1, 0x2102
T+A USB HD Audio 1
T+A USB HD Audio 2
T+A SD 3100 HV0x2ab6, Any
Denon DA-300USB0x154e, 0x1003
Marantz HD-DAC1, Marantz NA11-S0x154e, 0x3005
Marantz SA-14S10x154e, 0x3006
Luxman DA-060x1852, 0x5065
TEAC UD-501/UD-501V2/UD-503/NT-5030x0644, 0x8043
Esoteric D-05X0x0644, 0x8044
TEAC UD-3010x0644, 0x804a
Mola Mola Makua0x20b1, 0x3089
Peachtree nova5000x29c5, 0x0022
Gustard USB audio GSD audio0x292b, 0xc4b3
Lindemann USB Audio 2.00x2305, 0x0010
D&M holdings Inc. PMA-2500NE0x154e, 0x1007
Quad Artera DAC0x2622, 0x0002
Quad XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0001
Mission XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0010
Luxman XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0020
Wharfedale XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0030
Audiolab XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0040
Ekco XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0050
IAG XU1 Audio0x2622, 0x0060
Mission Audio0x2622, 0x0011
Luxman Audio0x2622, 0x0021
Wharfedale Audio0x2622, 0x0031
Ekco Audio0x2622, 0x0051
IAG Audio0x2622, 0x0061
Accuphase DC-950 / DP-560 / DC-37 / DP-430 / DAC-500x21ed, 0xd37a
Auralic Vega G2.10x1511, 0x0052
Marantz SA10S10x154e, 0x3008