sMS-200 Review by (Hungarian/English translation) with Holo Spring Kitsune, Pink Faun

” And what is it for? It sends music from plugged-in USB hard drives to a D / A converter via the upgraded USB output. Well, I didn’t try that, but strung on the net, it became my Roon endpoint, and with that I fed the TMP Ant DA at first, instead of the MacMini. This perfectly goes against the signal to stay better if you go through your philosophy with fewer things, and anyway, it looks like the computer is sending the signal over the network, wires, switches, wires, and then another inch arrives ten centimeters from its starting point. box and then it sounds better? Yes, it sounds better. The silence of the small SOtM is quieter, the space is wider, the momentum is more dynamic than that of the Mac. “

Review by Earblog ( Hungarian Hifi blog, June 2020

SOtM sNH-10G


Review by (Czech) – English translation via browser

“Music is simply more fun – although many may and will claim that the influence is technically indefensible, it is easily heard empirically. So what about that? Nothing complicated. The best advice is, as always, to go and listen to it for yourself – the sNH-10G is definitely worth hearing..”