Update April 2021 Native DSD DAC list supported in Eunhasu

2 November 2020
Update for Eunhasu firmware Version 0.5.0.


  • Fixed and enabled MimimServer 2.0 installation
  • Added debug logging on/off feature for faster operation speed
  • Added display Kernel version information on System upgrade page
  • Updated Install/Uninstall featureThe Eunhasu app is available only for Android devices.

The following DACs were added to our list:

Quad Artera DAC: 0x2622, 0x0002
Quad XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0001
Mission XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0010
Luxman XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0020
Wharfedale XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0030
Audiolab XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0040
Ekco XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0050
IAG XU1 Audio: 0x2622, 0x0060
Mission Audio: 0x2622, 0x0011
Luxman Audio: 0x2622, 0x0021
Wharfedale Audio: 0x2622, 0x0031
Ekco Audio: 0x2622, 0x0051
IAG Audio 0x2622, 0x0061
Accuphase DC-950 / DP-560 / DC-37 / DP-430 / DAC-50: 0x21ed, 0xd37a
Auralic Vega G2.1: 0x1511, 0x0052

Native DSD DAC list supported in Eunhasu
List of DAC natively supports DSD playback in Eunhasu

Eunhasu now on iOS

How to download Eunhasu Apple app onto your iPhone/iPad:

  • Search for Eunhasu Browser on Apple app store via phone/iPad.
  • Search for your devices to add onto the app.

For a list of supported DACs, please visit this link